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Badalona is a well known city which is located in eastern Catalonia, Spain. It is situated in the comarca of the Barcelon├Ęs. You should explore the Badalona car rental services online at affordable price. With a personal vehicle, you have ease of traveling to the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra that dates back to the 13th century. There is a popular attraction named as the Roman City and the Roman Baths. These are the ancient remains of Roman time. Moreover, the Venus of Badalona which is a small Roman sculpture present in white marble and it also symbolizes the wealth of the city in Roman times.

La Rambla, Carrer del Mar and the Pont del Petroli are other notable attractions to view and admire in this city of Spain. Badalona car hire deals are there to serve you on your trip. The Giants Anastasi i Maria and the Pavillard house are other attractive places. The latter one was constructed by Joan Amig├│ i Barriga in the year 1906 and is also considered as the best modernist work in the city.

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